Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings


Drawing Description Relevant to:
FS-1005-FS Infrastructure Responsibility Matrix All
FS-1000-FS On-Lot Infrastructure Installation Set Out Details Developer
FS-1015-FS Typical Valve Installation - Isolation Valves Developer
FSI-1007-FS Standard Isolation Valve - Name Plates Developer
FSI-1008-FS Standard Property Boundary Assembly - Irrigation Developer
PSS-1016A-FS Standard Air Valve Details - Above Ground Developer
PSS-1016B-FS Standard Air Valve Details - Below Ground Developer
PSS-1017A-FS Standard Flushing Points Details - Small Mains Developer
PSS-1017B-FS Standard Flushing Points Details - Large Mains Developer
PSS-1018-FS Typical Branch Connection Details Developer
FS-1001A-FS Infrastructure Staging Diagram – Tank in Front of Property Developer, Builder and Flow
FS-1001B-FS Infrastructure Staging Diagram – Tank in Rear of Property Developer, Builder and Flow
PSS-1112-FS Property Boundary Assembly Developer
PSS-1113-FS Wastewater Collection Tank Installation Requirements Developer
FSI-SK03B-FS Not-Standard Lot - Retaining Walls Developer
FSI-SK03A-FS Non-Standard Lot – Tank in Batter / Slope Developer
FSI-SK04-FS Property Sewer Servicing Guidelines - Reduced Area Lots Developer
FSI-SK05-FS Property Sewer Servicing Guidelines - Non Standard Super Lot Developer
WAT-1854-FS Dual Water Reticulation - Single property services Developer, Builder, and Plumber
WAT-1855-FS Dual Water Reticulation - Split property services Developer, Builder, and Plumber
EX-0001-BSX Box Hill - Basix Certificate Example Developer Plan Example
EX-0002-BSX Cooranbong - Basix Certificate Example  Developer Basix Example
EX-0003-BSX Huntlee - Basix Certificate Example Developer Basix Example
EX-0004-BSX Pitt Town - Basix Certificate Example  Developer Basix Example
EX-0001-LND Landscape Plans Example Developer Plan Example
EX-0001 - WSD Water Services Drawing Example Developer Water Service Example
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