Waste Water System Alarms

Why is my Alarm going off? There are a number of reasons why your alarm may be activated.


The following chart provides you with a step by step guide to dealing with an alarm activation.

Download Alarm Fact Sheet 

Alarm sounds and the light is flashing

Audible alarm: Press the button on the underside of the control panel to disable the audible alarm.

The audible alarm will automatically shut off after five minutes (regardless of whether the button is pressed)

Flashing light: The flashing light will only turn off if one of our contractors resets it, or the problem which triggered the alarm is resolved.

Call us on 1300 803 803 if the flashing light does not turn off within 1 hour.

Power outage (Wait one hour before reporting)

If the alarm activates following a power outage, please wait for one hour before contacting us. 

  • The alarm may sound when the power is restored as the wastewater level in the storage tank may have built up to above the alarm level.
  • Once power is restored, the pump will recommence pumping but may take up to one hour for the wastewater level in the tank to drop below the alarm level (this is due to a number of other pumps trying to empty their tanks at the same time).

Please minimise your water use (showers and washing clothes) during power outages to reduce the risk of an overflow.


Power outage for longer than 8 hours

Reduce water use by:

  • Not turning on the washing machine while the alarm is active
  • Take shorter showers
  • If the bath is full, don’t empty it until after the alarm is cancelled. You can bucket the water from the bath onto the lawn if you need to.
  • Switch off any drainage (automated or not) from swimming pools or spas until after the power is restored.


Call us if there is an extended power outage, particularly if you expect it to last more than 8 hours.


In the event of extended power outages we may need to organise for your storage tank to be pumped out.


Alarm sounds frequently and then turns off


Determine if there is any sudden discharge (such as from a swimming pool).


  • If the alarm sounds during or after rainfall, the alarm might be activating because rainwater is entering the storage tank.


If the alarm continues to sound frequently and turn off, please give us a call so we can investigate.


Your neighbour’s alarm sounds or the light is flashing


If your neighbour is not home, please contact us so we can investigate.


The audible alarm will automatically shut off after five minutes.



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