Medical Dependency for Home Haemodialysis customers

A medically dependent consumer is someone using a registered haemodialysis machine at home and is dependent on large volumes of drinking water for critical kidney dialysis.  

If you, or someone in your household uses a haemodialysis machine, you need to register with us as a medically dependent household so we can allocate a water allowance for dialysis. When you do this, you will receive an allowance for the drinking water you need for the machine.  


Register as a Medically Dependent customer 

Please follow these steps:  

  1. Call us immediately 1300 803 803 and we will update your account identifying your home as having a haemodialysis machine.  
  2. Ask your doctor or your dialysis centre to complete Flow System’s medical dependency form.  This form will confirm your household has a registered haemodialysis machine. 
  3. Once the form has been completed by your doctor or dialysis centre, please email or post the completed form back to us at: 


Post:  Flow Systems, PO Box R455, Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225 


Water Allowance 

To help our customers who use a registered haemodialysis machine manage the financial burden of regular kidney dialysis, Flow Systems provides a drinking water allowance without charge. The drinking water allowance will be credited directly to the property owner’s account with Flow.   

If you are a tenant in a strata unit and pay for your own water use, please discuss the allowance with the property owner or strata manager.  

You can check that the allowance has been provided on your Flow Systems invoice. You will see on this bill that the allowance is applied to your drinking water supply. Your recycled water supply will be charged as normal. Recycled water is the water you use in your home to flush toilets, in the washing machine and to water the gardens. Recycled water is plumbed into your home in separate pipes from the drinking water supply. 


Service Disruption/Outages 

Flow Systems let you know in advance of any planned drinking water supply interruption in the same way that we communicate with all of our customers.  We may not be able to advise you if an unplanned water supply interruption occurs (such as a water main break). If this happens, please follow the training provided by your dialysis centre. 


Emergency back-up plan  

It is important for you to be aware that access to any drinking water supply cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time.  If you're medically dependent on drinking water for kidney dialysis and have a registered haemodialysis machine in your household, it's important that you have an emergency response plan in place. Although drinking water outages do not occur often they can happen suddenly during bad weather, emergency repair work or other unexpected circumstances. Your emergency response plan could include: 

  • make sure you have standby access to drinking water; 
  • relocating to a friend's or family member's premises with access drinking water; and/or 
  • In serious circumstances calling an ambulance to be taken to hospital. 

We recommend you contact your local dialysis centre, hospital, GP or the supplier of the haemodialysis machine about your backup options. 

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