Apply for a drinking water meter

Note: The section only applies to new properties being built in the following communities:

  • Cooranbong
  • Huntlee

For all other communites, please refer to your local water utility/council for drinking water connection. You may still require connection to your recycled water from Flow. If so, please refer to the next step.

To apply for a Drinking Water meter, please complete the form.  The meter will be sent once the Connection Fee has been paid.  This fee covers the issuing of the drinking water meter, connection of the recycled water meter and connection to the remote monitoring system by an authorised contractor.  For Connection Fee pricing, please refer to the fees and charges for your community. Once the meter has been installed, we will also commence billing the property owner for service charges.  Once the property owner has moved in usage charges will also apply. 

  1. Meter needed for each dwelling on a lot

Each dwelling on a lot must be individually metered.  If you require multiple meters, please complete an individual form for each dwelling/customer.  Each individual application will be charged a Connection Fee. 

  1. Lead time

After the Connection Fee payment has been received, please approximately 5 business days for delivery of the drinking water meter.  All meters will be sent by Express Post. 

  1. Non-standard buildings

For non-standard buildings (e.g. apartments, townhouses, villas etc), please contact Flow Systems on 1300 803 803 to discuss our requirements.  To meet building requirements, non-standard buildings may require different meter types.  Please allow up to approximately 10 business days for processing of non-standard requests. 


Meter Installation Guide

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