Our business approach focuses on new thinking around the way we deliver water and energy services to reduce carbon and waste, preserve drinking water supplies and enhance ecology and livability.

These principals drive our infrastructure and servicing and are leading to a step change in the way we build and service new developments and communities.

Homes with access to recycled water can deliver a median uplift to property value of 0.7 per cent. This translates to a $3,000 ‐ $5,000 increase in value for properties that are connected to recycled water, compared to properties with similar attributes that are not. In addition, houses with higher energy efficiency, command higher market prices.

Sustainable water solutions, like sustainable energy solutions, are underpinning the green credentials of developments across Australia and around the world. Water, more than ever, is now key to enabling Green Star and other sustainability goals.

As Australia develops and grows its cities and communities, sustainable and intelligent solutions will be provided across energy use, transport, IT and water – helping us to live more sustainably, saving money and resources. We are staying at the forefront of this innovation, ensuring our cities and communities of the future are as water efficient as possible.

Flow is committed to more sustainable infrastructure. We believe it is possible to create water infrastructure that is more environmentally friendly, produces less carbon, and uses less energy from design to construction and operation.

Developers seeking a more sustainable infrastructure outcome or looking to reduce their carbon or water footprint will see the benefits of our localised recycled water systems which are underpinning leading sustainable developments in NSW.

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Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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