Building or renovating

When building or renovating, you need to have your building plans checked and stamped by us before they are submitted to your local council.

If we identify you are building on or adjacent to any of our assets you are required to submit an application. Please read our Builders' Guide to find out more about building over our assets.

We charge a small fee to review your building plans. If your building or renovation is over or next to one of our water or sewer mains or sewer junctions, you are required to pay a fee to reposition any pipework should it be required.

All recycled water plumbing and fixtures should comply with Plumbing Code of Australia - AS/NZS3500 plumbing and drainage – water services. This standard requires:

  • A backflow prevention device be fitted at the drinking water meter.
  • There should be NO cross-connection between drinking and recycled water services.
  • All recycled water piping should be coloured purple or have appropriate and durable purple sleeving, netting or spirally wrapped tape for clear identification.
  • All buried pipes should be marked with longitudinal running marking tape clearly displaying: RECYCLED OR RECLAIMED-WATER-DO NOT DRINK.
  • All external taps should be clearly marked with a warning sign, be fitted with a removal handle and be coloured purple.

Flow Systems should be notified of any planned changes or modifications to existing recycled water infrastructure. Any modifications to the internal recycled water system must be inspected by NSW Fair Trading.

Dial Before You Dig is a non profit service to help you locate underground pipes and cables in an area before construction takes place.

Any licensed plumber can undertake minor works a your property.

However, developers undertaking major plumbing works associated with new homes must engage one of Flow Systems’ approved licensed plumbers. Developers need to contact Flow Systems for this information.

It’s important to ensure you hire a plumber who has a valid and current licence. By law all tradespeople must display their licence number on ads for their services. They should also carry an ID card as proof of their accreditation.

NSW Fair Trading issues licences to plumbers who have the appropriate plumbing qualifications. You can check a plumber’s licence on the NSW Fair Trading website at or call its customer service officers on 13 32 20.

The Master Plumber Association of NSW has a list of licensed plumbers on its website under

Contact us. The fee for this service is part or your Application to Extend or Build. For more information please read our Fees and Charges.

A Certificate of Compliance is the plumber’s assurance that their work complies with the relevant plumbing codes and standards. Only a licensed plumber can issue a Certificate of Compliance. Your plumber should give you a certificate once the work is finished. They should also submit a copy of the Certificate along with the Wastewater Service Diagram for any drainage work to Flow Systems.

The location of our wastewater mains and your pipes can be hard to identify without plans, although you can usually find the collection tank lid at the front of your property.

For a fee we can provide you with a plan of your property showing where our sewer mains are located. Alternatively you can contact Dial Before You Dig (a non-profit service to help you locate underground pipes and cables in an area before construction takes place) and a qualified plumber can provide you with a basic plan of where your sewer pipes are located.

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