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If you are developing more than 500 lots or apartments you can benefit from major capital cost savings for your water infrastructure.

Centralised water servicing - where large trunk infrastructure is built by public utilities to pump in drinking water and pump out wastewater - does not represent the future. Now there is a better way. Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) removes the need for large heavy and costly infrastructure. It enables the integration of key innovations to harvest multiple water sources, purify these for multiple uses back within the community. This type of servicing is bringing a myriad of benefits to homeowners, businesses, government and developers, including lower costs to serve, greater innovation and enhanced liveability. Typically public utilities have been unable to deliver local sustainable water infrastructure affordably. Unlike public water utilities, Flow is able to provide this new generation of water servicing, at great cost benefit.

Public water utilities are not your only choice. There is now a regulated and innovative sector, capable of delivering both retail and infrastructure services to compete with public utilities. Flow's local utilities deliver more affordable and sustainable water solutions than many public utilities. For example, Flow designs and constructs drinking water and wastewater solutions in NSW for up to half the cost of Sydney Water or Hunter Water.

Find out more about reducing your costs by 50 per cent and speeding up land release.

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