Access to tank

We recognise how important gardens are to all our residents and the joy gardening brings to communities. Using recycled water on the garden and to irrigate will save money and conserve more than 20 per cent of drinking water.

Flow Systems needs access to the collection tank, boundary kit, control panel and water meters on your property 24/7. This is important to ensure the safe operation of your recycled water system. Please refer to clause 9 and 10 of your Customer Contract for more information regarding Access to a Customers Property.

Nothing can obstruct the top of the tank:

  • Heavy items such as bricks, pot plants or BBQs cannot be placed on top of the tank or boundary kit. 
  • Boats, cars, trailers, caravans or horse floats cannot be parked over the collection tank, boundary kit or water meters.

Flow Systems has the right to remove anything that interferes with access to the recycled water system on your property. That means Flow Systems can:

  • Trim or remove trees or shrubbery, if they are interfering with access
  • Remove any large items blocking or interfering with the operation or maintenance of the recycled water system
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