Missed payment policy

If you have missed a payment or are having trouble paying your bill, please contact us immediately. Please also download and read our Missed Payments policy below.

There are many things we can do to ensure you are able to meet your payment. Please contact us asap to discuss the options, including:

  • a short extension of time
  • a payment plan to pay the account in regular instalments over an agreed time-frame
  • a budget plan where regular manageable amounts are debited from the Customer’s nominated account, or:
  • access to a Payment Assistance Scheme that operates through local welfare agencies.

If you have failed to make payment on the due date, we will contact you immediately by sending a reminder notice.

At least seven days prior to taking action for non-payment, we will send a warning notice to you. This will detail assistance that could be available to help you pay your bill.

Please make sure you contact us to discuss your situation asap.

If the Warning Notice is ignored, your services could be restricted and any legal costs passed onto you. It’s important you contact us immediately to look at ways to pay the bill.

Missed payment policy (Code of Conduct for Debt Recovery)

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