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Pitt Town Water has a price parity policy. That means water and wastewater charges are in line with Sydney Water and Hawkesbury City Council. For more information, please read the Fees and Charges Policy below.

Pitt Town Water has a price parity policy. Our water and wastewater charges are in line with Sydney Water and Hawkesbury City Council.

Because of this policy, changes to Sydney Water and Hawkesbury City Council water and wastewater charges impact on Pitt Town Water’s fees and charges.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) determines water and wastewater pricing for Sydney Water and local council. IPART does not determine water and wastewater prices for the private sector.

New Sewer and Recycled Water Service Connection (up to 20mm per lot) $798.00 (inc GST)

  • Connection of the Wastewater Collection Tank to Pitt Town Water’s Recycled Water Network by an authorised contractor;
  • Installation of the wastewater pump, recycled water meter; and
  • Connection to the remote monitoring system.
This connection fee does not include the pump out of the Wastewater Collection Tank. It is the responsibility of the home owner or the appointed builder to ensure the wastewater tank is empty and free of any debris prior to connection.

Once you connect to the Pitt Town Recycled Water System and start using recycled water you will receive a monthly bill. The two main items on your bill are fixed service charges and a variable usage charge.

Charges are transacted electronically and monthly through direct debit:

  • Fixed service charges – Monthly in advance
  • Variable usage charges – Monthly in arrears
Prices include GST where applicable.
Fixed charges contribute to the costs of providing and maintaining water and sewer systems. The variable usage charge reflects the amount of recycled water that has been registered on a customer’s recycled water meter.

You will also receive a separate bill from Sydney Water for your drinking water services. Sydney Water charge these on a quarterly basis.

Because you are using recycled water, expect your drinking water bill to be much lower.

Recycled water is connected to the cold tap in your washing machine, your toilet and outdoor hoses. This means you can use recycled water for up to 70 percent of your daily needs, saving you money and precious drinking water.

Pitt Town Homeowners Fees and Charges

Pitt Town Infrastructure and Connection Fees

Pitt Town Miscellaneous Fees

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