Certificates of Complaince, Drawings & Photos

Before we can connect you, we require the following:

Before we can connect you, we require the following

  • Final Plumbing and Drainage Report
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CCEW)

The Final Plumbing and Drainage report is carried out by NSW Fair Trading. Your plumber will can book an inspection with Fair Trading here. Please scan and email us a copy of the Reports. For more information please contact NSW Fair Trading.

When the builders electrical work is complete, the electrical contractor will need to complete a uniquely numbered certificate known as a Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work or CCEW. The CCEW is a statutory requirement that provides assurance that a licensed electrical contractor has completed and tested the work to ensure it complies with Australia/New Zealand Wiring rules (AS/NZS 3000)

Additional notes for your community:

Hawkesbury City Coucil conducts the Final Plumbing and Drainage inspections. You can contact them direct to book your inspection

Work As Constructed Services Drawings

Please also scan and send us a copy of your Work as Constructed Services Drawing - see the example below.

Work as Constructed Example

We also need photographs of the completed works on site. Please take photos of the completed scope of works including:

  • sewer drainage connection to sewage collection tank
  • pump control panel location identification
  • power supply from electrical distribution box to control panel location
  • 1 electrical conduit from control panel location to sewerage pump tank
  • 1 electrical conduit from control panel location to recycled water meter location
  • All Plumbing and Electrical work to be in accordance with AS3000 standards

Example of work completed photos

Please email all of the above to connect@flowsystems.com.au

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