Pay the Connection Fee

Connection fees are paid by the homeowner, builder or authorised agent in order to connect a property to recycled water and sewage. These fees are due at the time of connection. An invoice will be sent out once we receive the Connection Application Form

Connections are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and may take 7 to 10 days to complete. They are also dependent on the weather. Our contractors require site access and may be onsite for up to four hours.

Connection fees

New Sewer and Recyled Water Service Connection
(up to 20mm per lot)

  • Connection of the Wastewater Collection Tank to Flow Systems' Recycled Water Network by an authorised contractor
  • Installation of the wastewater pump, recycled water meter; and
  • Connection to the remote monitoring system.

The connection fee does not include the pump out of the Wastewater Collection Tank. It is the responsibility of the home owner or the appointed builder to ensure the wastewater tank is empty and free of any debris prior to connection.

For further information on Fees & Charges, click HERE.
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