Development Application, Builders' Guide and Checklist

Development Application (DA) Conditions

A property services design and landscape design is required to be lodged with and approved by Flow Systems prior to issue of the Construction Certificate.

The property services design must include a scale drawing showing all 'in property' water related services including fixtures and fittings that each pipe is connected to. The design is to be at a scale of 1: 100 in PDF format and include connection of services to the waste water tank and recycled water services connected to the following: See example Water Services Design Plan

  • All toilet cisterns;
  • Clothes washing machines - cold tap only (No cold drinking water tap is permitted);
  • External cold water taps (additional drinking water cold water taps may also be provided alongside);
  • Rainwater tanks are not required.

The Landscape design must clearly show all landscaping in accordance with Flow Systems required clearances around its network infrastructure. See Flow Systems Landscaping guide for details

Before you start any work on your property, you must contact Dial Before You Dig to understand what infrastructure may be located underground. Call 1100 or lodge an enquiry at Dial Before You Dig will direct you to the appropriate infrastructure masterplan for your property.


The Builders' Guide tells you everything you need to know about connecting to our recycled water network. Please follow the instructions in this guide and contact us if you have any problems at

Please download the Builders' Checklist. It helps identify the information and documentation needed to successfully connect to the recycled water network. Any questions, please contact us at

Please find the Checklist below: 

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