If you are experiencing problems with your sewer such as gurgling noises, sinks and toilets are slow to drain or effluent is overflowing from your external collection tank, please follow the steps below:

    1. Please contact us to confirm that your wastewater collection tank & pump is working OK, we can check this remotely.
    2. If effluent is not overflowing, you should still be able to use your system, as the wastewater collection tank has a full day’s storage capacity.
    3. If a fault occurs after normal business hours and no effluent is overflowing the investigation and repairs will be carried out the following day as the system has emergency storage capacity, however you should report any suspected fault or issue immediately. If effluent is overflowing then we will send a contractor to your property as soon as possible.

If we advise the problem is not in our system you will need to contact your own plumber.

It’s important to ensure you hire a plumber who has a valid and current license. By law, all tradespeople must display their license number on ads for their services. They should also carry an ID card as proof of their accreditation.

NSW Fair Trading issues licenses to plumbers who have the appropriate plumbing qualifications. You can check a plumber’s license on the NSW Fair Trading website at or call its customer service officers on 13 32 20.

The Master Plumber Association of NSW has a list of licensed plumbers on its website under

You should always contact Flow Systems in the first instance.

If you arrange for a licensed plumber to attend your property prior to contacting us, they will determine if the blockage is within our pipes or your own pipes.

If there is a blockage in our network pipes, the plumber will contact us or ask you to contact us. We will then attend to carry out the appropriate work. If it is found that the blockage or damage was caused by items, liquids or materials that should not be discharged into the system from your property then the charges associated with fixing the system will be charged to you the home owner. Please click here for a list of inappropriate items.

Should you accidentally drop something down your toilet, please contact us immediately to find out what to do. Do NOT attempt to retrieve the item yourself.

Don't panic, just call us on 1300 803 803 and speak to our team. Do not try to retrieve any items on your own.

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