The recycled water system

In most cases the boundary kit is located on your property, below ground, usually with a 40 cm x 60 cm green lid.


Each boundary kit box contains an inlet and outlet valve, a test port, and a ball check valve. Do not attempt to open the boundary kit.

The wastewater tank lid is green and can be surrounded - not covered - by shrubs and your garden.

You are responsible for the maintenance and installation of the plumbing on your property, including the recycled water connection at the boundary kit (not the boundary kit itself), all recycled water piping from the kit to your home, the electrical connection to the control panel, and the household sewer plumbing.

Flow Systems is responsible for the boundary kit, the wastewater collection tank, the control panel and telemetry and the sewer service to the sewer main. All the equipment and purple piping within these items are owned and maintained by Flow Systems.

Regular maintenance will be carried out by Flow Systems and is covered in your monthly wastewater service fees.

However Flow Systems may charge property owners for repairing damage if the pump or pipelines have been blocked or damaged due to inappropriate substances being discharged into the system.

The Recycled Water will be provided at just below the Drinking Water supply. This is to ensure that if a cross connection did occur anywhere, then the Drinking Water would not be compromised.

No, both the wastewater collection tank lid and boundary kit lid are not traffic rated and can be severely damaged. Any damage to the wastewater collection tank or boundary kit or its contents will result in the customer being held responsible for any repairs.

Flow Systems will not be held responsible for any driveway repair due to a wastewater collection tank or boundary kit being placed in a driveway. The wastewater collection tank or boundary kit can be relocated outside the driveway as long as it remains on the customer’s property. Please contact us for fees associated with this type of relocation.

A Recycled Water System has a small underground collection tank on your property that collects your sewage and wastewater before pumping it along a pipeline to a Flow Systems Recycling Facility. A purple coloured pipe returns recycled water to your home. The entire operation is monitored and controlled remotely with information on water use and wastewater discharge constantly updated.

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