Licensing and regulation FAQ's

Q. What is WICA?

Private companies require a NSW WICA (Water Industry Competition Act 2006) licence to construct, operate and/or maintain water industry infrastructure.

These activities are regulated by the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART) and the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON).


Q. Is Flow Systems a Government licensed utility?

Yes, Flow Systems has a license issued by the Minister for Finance and Services, under the Water Industry Competition Act (WIC Act) the license authorises Flow Systems to operate as a utility providing water services to the community.


 Q. Who is responsible for setting fees and charges?

Flow is responsible for setting fees and charges, in accordance with WICA (Water Industry Competition Act), which is regulated by IPART standards.


Q. Who is IPART?

IPART administers the licensing of private water utilities in NSW under the Water Industry Competition Act (the Act). The Act and policy development are administered by the Department of Finance and Services.

A corporation (other than a public water utility) must obtain a licence to construct, maintain or operate any water industry infrastructure, to supply water (potable or non-potable) or provide sewerage services by means of any water industry infrastructure.

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