Swimming Pool and Spa

All pool & spa installations require approval from Flow Systems and the local council


Generally connections from swimming pools or spas to the household sewerage system are NOT permitted. However, if you wish to seek approval from Flow Systems to connect to the sewerage system, the following conditions need to be met:


  1. Any approved connections to the sewerage system must be limited in flow rate to less than 0.5 l/s to make sure that the system can deal with the flow entering into the waste water tank. This can be achieved in either of two ways.


  •   i.        Any pump or pipe connecting the discharge to the  waste water tank is limited to a maximum total flow rate of 0.5 l/s or;
  •  ii.        An intermediary buffer tank is installed which controls the discharge flow rate to 0.5 l/s.

 2. Any flows greater than this limit are not permitted and are likely to cause a system overflow.


Recycled water cannot be used to fill or top up swimming pools or spas. Only drinking water is to be used. Pool or spa maintenance is the owner’s responsibility and this includes meeting the water use rules set by NSW Health.        

Please refer to our Pool & Spa Guide 


When emptying your Spa or pool, water must flow into the Low Pressure Sewer Collection Tank at no more than 0.5 l/s. Any flows greater than this limit are not acceptable and are likely to cause a system overflow situation.

No, recycled water cannot be used.

Pools and Spas Policy

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